Do Oreos Help Milk Supply? (Maybe!)

Please say yes, please say yes, please say yes...

Inquiring breastfeeding moms want to know: do Oreos help milk supply? Yes, no, maybe?  It depends who you ask.

If you have been a pumping mom for any amount of time, you may have heard whispers (or shouts) that Oreos can help your milk supply.  Sadly scientifically speaking, there is no evidence to support that eating Oreos (or Gatorade or oatmeal ice cream or anything else that actually tastes good) helps your milk supply.  However anecdotally speaking, breastfeeding moms the world over swear that eating a few Oreos can help milk supply (or a few lines of Oreos, no judging here) .  Heard from actual working pumping moms:

“You guys…the Oreos!  They work! Usually my baby boy nurses at 11pm and 2am.  At 2am I woke up completely engorged to the point of needing to use my manual pump in the middle of the night! That’s never happened before! The only difference was the Oreos I ate before bed. I’m sold.” – Brittany S.

“I’m an over-producer which is fine because I’m able to donate breast milk.  When I went on a five day family trip, I took my pump for relief in case I needed it. I ended up not needing to pump and just fed my baby on demand. When I returned to work, I pumped less but assumed my supply had adjusted down from vacation. Also, I was out of Oreos. I typically eat a few Oreos throughout the day for calories and a sweet fix. All week I was down about 6-8oz from what I usually pump. The following weekend, I bought more Oreos for my desk. On Monday, I pumped 22 ounces which is back to my normal range! Maybe it was time or maybe just calories. But I’m telling you, I think it’s the Oreos!” – Jessica H.

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“Ok, I thought the whole ‘Oreos help breast milk supply’ thing was a joke. But, I decided to try it because…Oreos.  I normally get 4 ounces total for my morning pump.  This morning I got nearly 8 ounces!  And that’s after I pumped 4 ounces out of one side this morning while feeding LO.  This is the best pumping day I’ve had in a long time.  Probably just a fluke, but any excuse to eat Oreos!” – Lindsay A.

“I can’t believe the Oreo trick worked so well! I have only been getting one ounce when pumping in the morning.  My freezer stash is also gone.  I stayed up late last night and had a few Oreos.  When I woke up this morning, I nursed my daughter AND pumped 5 ounces!” – Emily W.

“Any moms out there needing a little boost in supply should try eating Oreos!  I ate some today and just pumped 17 ounces in 5.5 hours!!!” – Heather T.

Clearly the only way to see if it will work for you is to grab a pack and try it out.  We recommend Double Stuff Oreos, (or Glutino or you are gluten free).   You will be happy and probably intrigued to know that if you are dairy free, Oreos do not actually contain any dairy so eat as many as you like. 

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In all seriousness, it is likely the calories in Oreos that lead to an upswing in breast milk supply and not necessarily one of the magical processed ingredients contained within the good stuff.  If you are looking for an alternative (i.e. healthier) way to increase your breast milk supply, you may find trying a spoonful of nut butter, avocado toast, or some dark chocolate chips + mixed nuts works just as well at giving you a slight boost in supply.  Or not!  Consider this your permission to see if Oreos help your breast milk supply. 

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If your husband inquires as to why you are now an Oreo consumer and aficionado, tell him for milk production and for science. Speaking of, if any researchers or Oreo/Nabisco representatives would like to sponsor a study on The Impact and Effects of the Consumption of Chocolate Sandwich Cookies on Breast Milk Production in Lactating Mothers, I can put you in contact with hundreds (or probably thousands) of potential participants.  Your research will be valued and lauded by breastfeeding mothers everywhere.

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