BeauGen Cushions: What Exactly Are They? Do I Need Them?

Breastfeeding is an important bonding experience between a mother and her baby. While it’s a beautiful experience, it can also be a challenging process for new moms. One of the most common issues faced by breastfeeding moms is sore and painful nipples. Fortunately, there are products available in the market that can help alleviate this discomfort, one of which are BeauGen cushions. Read on to find out what BeauGen cushions and how they can be used to make breast pumping a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

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What are BeauGen Cushions?

BeauGen cushions are small silicone pads that can be placed inside a breast pump flange or directly on the nipple. They are designed to help reduce nipple pain and soreness caused by breast pumping or breastfeeding. The cushions are made of soft and flexible silicone material that conforms to the shape of the breast, providing a comfortable and secure fit.

BeauGen cushions were developed by a new mom who experienced pain when pumping breast milk. She wanted to create a product that would make breast pumping less painful and more efficient. The founder of BeauGen noticed that traditional breast pump flanges were rigid and uncomfortable, which made the pumping process more difficult and often resulted in sore nipples. She also noticed she wasn’t alone in this experience. Many breastfeeding moms were facing the same discomfort from the constant suction of the breast pump, which was causing damage to their delicate skin.

To address these issues, her team created a product that would offer a more comfortable and natural suction experience. Enter: BeauGen Cushions. They designed their cushions to mimic the natural shape and movement of the breast, so that they would fit more securely in a breast pump flange. By doing so, this would prevent the breast tissue from being pulled into the flange during pumping and allow for a more comfortable pumping experience.

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Benefits of BeauGen Cushions

1. Reduce Nipple Pain and Soreness

BeauGen cushions provide a protective barrier between the nipple and the breast pump flange or the baby’s mouth. This helps to reduce friction and alleviate pain and soreness often associated with breast pumping.

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2. Increase Comfort While Pumping

The soft and flexible silicone material of the cushions provides a more comfortable and natural suction experience compared to traditional breast pump flanges. Traditional breast pump flanges are most oftentimes made of hard plastic.

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3. Pump More Breast Milk with BeauGen Cushions

BeauGen cushions help to stimulate milk production by creating a better seal around the nipple, which reduces the amount of suction required to express milk. This can, in turn, lead to a greater volume of pumped breast milk.

4. Compatible with Most Breast Pumps:

BeauGen cushions can be used with most breast pumps, which makes them a convenient and versatile solution for breastfeeding mothers. The cushions are compatible with most major breast pump brands including Spectra, Medela, Willow, Elvie, Lansinoh, Hygeia, Evenflo, BabyBuddah, and many more. They are also fit most all flange sizes.

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How to Use BeauGen Cushions

Step 1: Choose the Right Size

BeauGen cushions come in different sizes, so it’s important to choose the right one for your breast size. The cushions are available in 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 24mm, and 27mm sizes. You can use the below sizing guide from BeauGen to determine the best size for you:

BeauGen Cushion size guide

Step 2: Clean the BeauGen Cushions

Before using the cushions, it is important to clean them thoroughly. You can wash them with warm, soapy water or boil them for five minutes to sterilize them similar to your other breast pump parts.

Step 3: Place the BeauGen Cushion in the Flange

Place the cushion inside the flange before attaching it to your breast. The cushion should fit snugly inside the flange and create a seal around your nipple. This will help to reduce the amount of suction required to express milk and minimize discomfort.

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Step 4: Adjust the Suction

Once you have the flange and cushion in place, you can turn on the breast pump and adjust the suction level to a comfortable setting. You may need to experiment with different suction levels to find the one that works best for you. The level you use with a BeauGen cushion may be different than the suction level you use without a cushion. You may be able to handle a stronger suction with the cushions in place.

Step 4: Pump Milk

With the cushion and flange in place, you can start pumping milk as you normally would. The cushion will help to protect your nipples from friction and reduce the amount of suction required to express milk. You may notice that the milk flows more easily and that you are able to pump more quickly and efficiently.

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Step 5: Clean the BeauGen Cushions After Use

After each use, it is important to clean the BeauGen cushions thoroughly to prevent bacteria buildup. See step 2.

Pro tip: try putting your BeauGen cushions in the refrigerator between uses. The coolness of the cushion on your nipple will be a welcome feeling the next time you pump breast milk.

Optional: Use the Cushions for Breastfeeding

In addition to using the BeauGen cushions with a breast pump, you can also use them while breastfeeding similar to a nipple shield. Simply place the cushion directly on your nipple before latching your baby onto your breast. The cushion will help to protect your nipples from friction and reduce pain and soreness.

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BeauGen cushions are a convenient and effective solution for nursing mothers who experience pain and soreness while breastfeeding or breast pumping. By following these simple steps, you can use BeauGen cushions to make breastfeeding and breast pumping a more comfortable and enjoyable experience!

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