Did you know that 80% of new moms in the US begin breastfeeding? And that 6 out of 10 of new moms return to the workforce after having a baby? If you are one of the majority of mothers who count yourself a working breastfeeding mom: welcome! You have found your corner of the world wide web.

Work Breastfeed Mom was founded to provide support and advice for working breastfeeding moms in every space and in every stage. Whether this is your first baby or your fourth, you work 50+ hours a week or part time, have an oversupply of breast milk or only produce 1-2 ounces for your baby. We see you, we hear you, and we are here for you.

Work Breastfeed Mom is an informational website that seeks to answer all of the questions you have as a working breastfeeding mom. We strive to provide comprehensive, evidence based articles that will aid in your breast pumping journey. From how exactly to work a breast pump, to finding the best work attire for pumping moms, to exploring if Oreos really do help you produce more breast milk, we hope to leave no stone unturned in discussing all the issues facing working breastfeeding moms.

WBFM is was founded out of a desire to share information and advice with breastfeeding mom friends, and with you as well. We hope you view Work Breastfeed Mom as a trusted friend and ally on your motherhood journey. We are so happy you are here!

WBFM Founder: Shannon Crowder

Shannon founded Work Breastfeed Mom in 2019 during her second round of pumping at work. She was tired of googling the same pumping questions over and over again, and discouraged by the lack of websites aimed at working breastfeeding moms. So, she created one herself. Shannon lives, works, and doles out Puffs to her little people in sunny Florida. She has an MBA and works as a strategic planner for a large healthcare system. She is passionate about coffee, memoirs, paddle boarding, and skincare routines. Shannon is mom to Scarlett (7), Ivy (4), and Georgia (1). She’s been pregnant, breastfeeding, or pumping for 7 years straight–all while working full time. One of her goals is to prove you can have your cake (a beautiful family) and eat it, too (plus a successful career).